The Maker System Story


The Maker System was crafted during a Maker’s quest to fix the entirety of his business's problems in the form of efficient software. “As a small company you have to look for every advantage to maximize efficiency so you can stay competitive, efficiency is key!”

The goal of The Maker System is to ease the growing pains for as many makers as possible. Ideally, it can strengthen the maker's movement to the maximum extent possible! We want to help makers focus on what’s most important-their brand’s products and customers. I often look back and think how much more productivity I would have experienced had I found a solution that already existed, instead of spending thousands of hours on my software. "Was it all in vain?" No! Now the question changes to, "how many people will this software help?" This is my contribution to the maker movement.

Makers are a special breed. We don't just make a product. We source materials, design, and service our many customers. We manage our websites, marketing efforts, staff, production, and inventories. Makers deal with more variables then most. However, if all of these variables could work together in one fine-tuned system it really could be quite easy to manage. I know this because I've lived this. All the growing pains pushed me to find solutions which culminated into one system-the only system for makers. The Maker System is born!

The business that inspired The Maker System was Omerica Organic. Founded in 2004, Omerica Organic has grown from a one-man shop into an internationally recognized brand that crafts its amazing products in house. Located in Denver, CO Omerica Organic is proud that its growing pains set the foundation for what now is The Maker System.

“I believe a world of makers is a better world. Better products, more consciousness, better choices will lead to less impact on the planet. I want everyone to have pride in what they make.”


Ryan Lorenz,
Omerica Organic